Buggy for Apocalypse

Buggy for ride in the post apocalyptic world. Inspired by Mad Max: the fury road. I love the theme of the apocalypse and now it was my turn to do something post-apocalyptic:)
All modeled in maya, all parts created for smooth. All parts are unfolded, textures made in high res.
All started with two short articles for 3D Total magazine about buggy creation (issues 113-114). Then I decided to remake the model from the beginning. After all I unwrapped whole vehicle and drew highly detailed textures for it. Final renders I made in 6K.
I tried to achieve brutal car with strong design and powerfull engine. It's not a small desert buggy for several people as a huge battle vehicle armed with guns. It's a big bad buggy only for one egoist-king. Only for ride, not for shooting :)

Well, a couple of words about the technical part :
All textures made in Mari. I created 3 layers of textures: diffuse, scratches and dirt. Dirt divided into thwo VrayDirt-layers (three for tires). All materials are VrayBlendMtl.

Alexandr novitskiy buggy studio 01
Alexandr novitskiy buggy studio 02
Alexandr novitskiy buggy fragments
Alexandr novitskiy big block engine 04
Alexandr novitskiy buggy transmission
Alexandr novitskiy buggy studio mesh 01
Alexandr novitskiy buggy studio mesh 02
Alexandr novitskiy big block engine 04 mesh
Alexandr novitskiy buggy transmission mesh